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Sunday, November 25, 2007

And how was YOUR Thanksgiving?

Mine was spent recuperating from some minor surgery on my back.

The 21st, I had an abscessed lipoma removed from my back.

I was in at 9 AM and out by 4:30 PM. The worst aspect was the hurry up and wait. The actual moving to the O.R. didn't occur until noon, I was done by 1 PM or so, and then the next three hours or so were just waiting. First in the recovery room, then in the post recovery room.

Since I had a tiny bit of sedation, I HAD to get a ride back to the apartment. Once I was back here, I used the bathroom and then was right out again to get an antibiotic prescription filled.

Apparently, once I walk in the front door of the apartment, any liability that the hospital might have is ended and I'm on my own.

It would have been so much easier and faster had I been allowed to walk out the front door of the hospital on my own, stop at the pharmacy to drop off the prescription.

So it goes.

So as promised elsewhere, before


after images of the tumor and surgery.

As Warren Ellis frequently warns readers on his weblog:


Seriously. Do. Not. Look.

The images are BIG and GRAPHIC.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good News, Everyone!

It's on pre-order from Amazon, but when it all but fell into my lap on USENET, well, instant gratification IS my birthright as an American!

And after watching the movie, it'll be worth every penny!

What's really sad is when Futurama can do a much more convoluted time travel plot and story than Star Trek, and do it better, and resolve the multiple paradoxes without all that handwaving that Trek does.