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Saturday, January 26, 2008

"...a day which will live in infamy!"

(with apologies to the memory of FDR!)

Today is the first anniversary of the Great Boston LED Freakout and Mooninite Pwnage.

"It had a very sinister appearance,"

So does Dick Cheney.

[Massachusetts Attorney General Martha] Coakley told reporters. "It had a battery behind it, and wires."

So does Dick Cheney's heart.

Does this mean that we can get the Boston Bomb Squad to blow up Dick Cheney?

Never Forget!

(edit) MAKE magazine recalls 01/31/07!

OMG! LED art invades Boston on the first anniversary of 01/31/07!

Make your own LED light board.

Friday, January 4, 2008

And I'm officially 'healed'.

I saw the surgeon the other day and he pronounced my sugical wound healed, and that I would no longer need the services of the home health care nurses.

The straight black lines are adhesive residue from the tape used to hold the dressings in place.

You could click on the image for a much larger view, but I wouldn't recommend it. There's really not much to see and the image IS huge.

Now, if it would only stop itching!