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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Found on eBay and delivered August 13th.

"TO THE MOON". From Time Life Books and Records in 1969

6 records in slipcase, plus hardbound book concerning the race to the Moon.

Both in original slipcase, with much of the original plastic wrap still in place.

All in the original shipping box. All in astoundingly great condition. Along with all the other paperwork that came with the set, including an order form to buy another book/record set.

Original price in 1969, US$29.95
Price in 2011 (via eBay) US$39.95.

But wait, there's more!

The seller transferred the records to CDs. I was planning on playing the records once, in order to copy them to the Macintosh. Thanks to the gentleman I bought the set from, that task won't be necessary.

The records are recordings of speeches, space craft communications, etc. Haven't listened to them as yet.

I wanted to get this set back in 1969, but at the time, I couldn't afford it. Better late than never.

Original shipping box front

Original shipping box back

Slipcase for records and book

Slipcase for records

Record slipcase with record index.

Record in sleeve

Monday, August 1, 2011

9/11 Anniversary

9/11/2011 is going to be a day of unending blowfullness. Not to mention the overweening, fulsome suckitude.

The festivities, and make no mistake, it WILL be a festival of xenophobia, self congratulatory rhetorical masturbation and all round bullshit, will likely inspire another wave of anti ground zero 'mosque' protests at the site of the planned islamic center.

Geller and her ilk will be wall to wall on Fox Noise.

NYC that day will be awash in faux patriotism and American flags made in China, as another few first responders die from the multiple illnesses resulting from their efforts on that day and the succeeding days as they searched the smoking rubble.

Sure, there will be grand statements about the bravery and sacrifice of the police and firefighters. Not one word will be spoken about the fight to get those people the health care they deserve, nor will one word be spoken about the GOP refusal to grant them care for the cancers that are slowly killing those heroes.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Apple TV and I

(the Apple TV in situ, along with DVD player, cable box and external speakers.)

This past July, I got a 1st gen Apple TV from eBay. Works fine, as Apple defines "fine". It's been upgraded with the current OS revision/ATV firmware. It's also been hacked with the latest "upgrade" software/firmware, and has XBMC (XBox Media Center) installed.

Having trouble getting the XBMC to "see" the drive/folder where all my video files are kept, as well as the iTunes music library.

Apparently, I need the equivalent of "Hacking the ATV for Dummies".

That said, the ATV, using the ATV software, works well enough to play video and audio via the LCD TV. The Boston Acoustics computer speakers/subwoofer are a huge improvement over the stock built in TV speakers.