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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh, REALLY, Senator Craig?

You have a "wide stance" when you are sitting on the toilet, and that "wide stance" was why you touched the vice cop's foot in the next stall?

Senator Craig, you must have hips like a Rumanian gymnast, if your "wide stance" resulted in your feet intruding into stalls on either side.

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Bob Ruzzo said...

Hi Chris,
Hahahaha! Can you believe it? He would have been better off using the URINAL!
I took the NERD TEST and my score was 44. Slightly nerdy. Wow. I thought running linux would more than make up for my lack of biohazard stickers, messy room, and no pictures of WORF.
Yes the CD is ALMOST OUT. I have too much material to put on one CD so I am in the process of choosing what I think is the pick of the litter. I will send you a copy but you have to send me your mailing address and I will send one off.
I am also thinking about buying another GUITAR which right now is not the best time. Currently, the 2 guitars I use are a Les Paul and SG, but they both sound similar. I used to use a Stratocaster (Fender) for all the rhythm tracks, so you could differentiate the 2 guitar sounds when you listen. But when I left Ct. the EX kept the Strat. So I was thinking about letting some time go by and make her an offer to buy the Strat. She has HUNDREDS of dollars worth of nice guitars but does not play. My second option is to buy a new Telecaster at Guitar Center. I sat in there last Saturday for 3 HOURS plucking away on a Telecaster. I was convinced this was the guitar I need for my rhythm tracks. Either way I will probably have to wait till later this year to do anything. I am supposed to be saving money to MOVE by December. So guitar will have to wait.