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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A&E and the Andromeda Strain

Remember how good the movie was?

Yeah, well, the two parter of The Andromeda Strain that'll be shown on A&E starting memorial day is not that good.

OK, I can live with the error about Buckminster Fuller discovering "Buckyballs", rather than having them named after him.

But come on! Having the WILDFIRE site powered by a small nuclear reactor with an open pile, looking like a fuel rod storage pool, complete with the blue glow of Cherenkov radiation.

And then there's the wormhole from whence came the Andromeda Strain.

Don't forget the secondary and tertiary sub-plots concerning a substance abusing reporter AND a Government Conspiracy, a la The X-Files.

OY! Just... Oy.

The first part IS pretty good, and 3/4ths of the second part holds the attention, but, yeah, the whole reactor thing just ruined it for me.

Your milage may vary.

Rating: C+.


Allyson said...

AS is one of my fav movies and my totally favorite crighteon book (I know I spelled his name wrong -- sue me).

I was going to watch the new version but honestly didn't have any pretense that it would be decent.

Obvious, I was correct.

Chris Tucker said...

Indeed, the movie, old as it is, is really superior to this new incarnation.

Should you desire, a copy of the A&E production might find its way to you.