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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not dead yet

The G4 died, 6 weeks later, I have (thanks to the generosity of friends) a "new" Mac. a dual processor G5.

So, just had some fun with it. I changed out the Nvidia video card for the Radeon 9600 Pro video card in the G4. I also installed the old Sonnet USB/FireWire PCI card I had in the G4.

Now, the video card has its own slot at the bottom of the stack of slots. The card also has a metal shield that was dangerously close to some solder joints on the underside of the USB/FireWire card.

I slapped some duct tape over the solder joints, trimmed off the excess and installed the card.

(Yes, I could have installed the Sonnet card in another slot. I still would have had a slot I couldn't use, due to the potential of a short between the video card and whatever card was installed in the neighboring slot.)


Startup chime and then... nothing. Crap! Change out the card for the Nvidia. Reboot. Chime. Nothing. Hell! I KNOW I observed all safety precautions.

OK, work the problem. The computer booted WITH the Nvidia card. What changed? Aha! The USB/FireWire card. Pull the card. Reboot. Chime and boot to desktop.

As I'm setting the Sonnet card aside, I noticed that some of the tape is covering some contacts on the other side of the edge connector. The side I never looked at when I was trimming the tape.


Trimmed that little bit of tape. Installed the card. Reboot to desktop.

AHA! Install Radeon card. Reboot to desktop. USB/FireWire card works. Video card works. Heart starts working.

Really, I am getting too old for this sort of thing.


Texaschilibean said...

Look Tuckers got a computer update. Whoodeeshyt. As long as he cant videotape the young men on the street I guess Boston breethes a sign of relief.

Once a punk always one in my book.

Chris Tucker said...

Worst. Sockpuppet. EVAR!

Texaschilibean said...

I see that Tuckers made up a new fake story about me with a fake picture. This is about the 8th one. Unfortunatey this is what happens when these punks use the keyboard. When he got the videotaper he followed boys. Hed never do that with a Texas man. So he uses the computer keyboard.

Im keeping the collection becasue this may lead to a legal suit. Theres laws against this.

Tuckers a PUNK

Chris Tucker said...

Ah, Texaschilibean: Stumpbroke & Steercotted.

Stupid by Birth, Ignorant by Choice.

You do realize that no one believes a word you say, right?

Your efforts to label me as some manner of deviant, based upon THIS YouTube video, merely demonstrates your pitiful emotional state and infantile nature.

Please, DO sue me. The amount of high powered Pro Bono (which has nothing to do with the lead singer of U2) legal representation I have access to, via the Eschaton readership, is astounding.

Really, the countersuit I could file would beggar you for the rest of your life.

But, seriously, don't speak of lawsuits. ANY lawyer would tell you that you have no case whatsoever.

Satirical and parody comments directed at a screename, are not actionable. Indeed, if, through some peculiar happenstance, your suit did appear before a judge, it would be thrown out, and you would likely be sanctioned for wasting the Court's time.

I don't expect you to understand this, as you are Texas Stupid. And that's some right powerful Stupid, I'll tell you what!