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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letter to

Email today. Paper mail followup tomorrow.

When is the Democratic Party going to grow a pair, grow a spine, and vigorously confront the GOP on every damned issue, large, small and everything in between.

Goddammit! STOP caving in to the goddamn GOP. America wants their taxes cut for the poor and middle class. They want those damned Bush era cuts for the rich to die on schedule.

I am a 'yellow dog Democrat'. I've been voting for Democrats since my very first vote.

I voted for President Obama to do what he promised to do. I voted for the Democrats here in Massachusetts to help President Obama keep his promises.

This November, I am not all that sure that I will make the effort to vote.

If the Democrats in the House and Senate and White House are so goddamned reluctant to do what that landslide in November 2008 elected them to do, than I can't see why I should vote for those COWARDS who are so frightened of inconveniencing the big bad GOP.

The Democrats OWN the House. They could KEEP the House and they could OWN the Senate in November if you get off your collective asses and FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE GOP and the insanity of the Teabaggers!

If the Democratic Party wants me to vote for them, you had better start goddamned fighting for me and the rest of the Americans who gave you their money and their vote and their confidence in 2008.


Allyson said...

I'm so totally disgusted with both parties, I don't know where to start.

Chris Tucker said...

Tell me about it.

It's more the party in the halls of Congress than in the Oval Office that is to blame.

But dear lord, President Obama, show some SPINE!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Chris, Obama is standing up courageously for the plutocrats that own his skinny ass.