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Monday, August 1, 2011

9/11 Anniversary

9/11/2011 is going to be a day of unending blowfullness. Not to mention the overweening, fulsome suckitude.

The festivities, and make no mistake, it WILL be a festival of xenophobia, self congratulatory rhetorical masturbation and all round bullshit, will likely inspire another wave of anti ground zero 'mosque' protests at the site of the planned islamic center.

Geller and her ilk will be wall to wall on Fox Noise.

NYC that day will be awash in faux patriotism and American flags made in China, as another few first responders die from the multiple illnesses resulting from their efforts on that day and the succeeding days as they searched the smoking rubble.

Sure, there will be grand statements about the bravery and sacrifice of the police and firefighters. Not one word will be spoken about the fight to get those people the health care they deserve, nor will one word be spoken about the GOP refusal to grant them care for the cancers that are slowly killing those heroes.

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