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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Boston has the best trash!

I scored an Apple 21" CRT Studio Monitor off the curb today.

I will not relate the tale of getting this 77 pound monster home. The horror... the horror!

So, I move the ViewSonic monitor and eventually manhandle the "new" monitor into place. Hook up the power and connect it to the computer.

I push the power button. Will it light?

YES! It's orange. The monitor is in standby mode, awaiting a video signal.

I push the power button on the computer. I wait.

The power button on the monitor glows green!

We get signal!


(sorry about that.)

I had to mess with the monitor settings a bit. However, I am now at 1600 X 1200 resolution @ 85 Hertz, on a monitor with an almost flat screen.

As an added bonus, it's got 4 USB ports on the side. Just the thing for the mouse, the PowerMate and the trackball.

Pictures will be posted shortly. I need to recuperate after getting this thing home.

(edit) Here's a photo of the monitor in place.


Keith said...

Ah, Tucker - you were the king of recycling long before it was cool...

bob said...

Hi Chris...thats quite the BIG MONITOR. I scored a 21" flat screen myself 2 years ago but I sold it cause it was way too big for my desk. I got it for free from someone at work. I will write back more later..gotta go