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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jamiaca Pond Panoramas

Each panorama is made up of 4 individual images, automatically stitched together with a Mac OS X application called "DoubleTake".

The shareware fee is US$21.95.

Sure, I could do all that manually in Graphic Converter or PhotoShop. However, if there's an application that'll do it for me, almost instantly.

Well, computers ARE supposed to be 'labor saving' devices, right?

(edit May 11) Yes, there are obvious exposure differences in the panoramas. I'm using Double Take in its free demo mode. As such, the more sophisticated options are, as yet, unavailable to me.

Once I pay the shareware fee, however...

But right now, for quick creations of impromptu panoramas, this IS a pretty spiffy application.

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