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Friday, June 5, 2009

Speaking of pathetic weenies.

One of the stupidest trolls on the Internet has decided to post some comments on this mediocre little weblog of mine. It showed up on the Eschaton blog a few years ago, and immediately began a campaign of vulgar and obscene postings.

I discovered how to get under its skin, to the point where it was begging me to lay off.

Of course, if it had come to Eschaton, seeking a reasonable discussion, couched in civilized language, it would have been welcomed, despite its political leanings.

But no, it decided to be a pest. As ye sow, so shall ye reap!

I shall leave its pathetic little comments on my mediocre little blog, as they amuse me. Its cries of impotent outrage are as the very music of the Angels unto my ears, and I drink deep of its tears!

Texaschilibean: Stumpbroke & Steercotted, say "hi" to your mother, sister and older brother for me, OK?


Texaschilibean said...

Like a virus spreads I read more defamation and slandur by one Chris Tucker has been spreading around the internet and now here it is. Quick and save this frame I will do that to prove it. I will agree wit one thing Tucker sais - the blog sucks. What did you expect? I have been around man and seen some blogs. And ask the people over at the site of Atrios I was stand up and admittid to a bet with Billy. I offered steak instead but still. Its Texas steak and thats the best. And Tucker made fun of Texas steak in public. I may have a talk with the Agriculture Department about that Tucker. Hear me? Not that Tucker would know about that hes never been here because Hed not like the way we deal with his type. So if I read the defamation again you know its time to maybe hire that layer and see about sueing in the Court of laws which is where Tucker WILL END UP IF I HAVE MY WAY AND I WILL DAMMIT

steve simels said...

You know, Chris, I have to think that a neatly slivered section of the TCB medulla would fetch top dollar at medical research laboratories all over the world.

Just saying...

Chris Tucker said...

Considering that the "crimes" were "committed" here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it'd have to come here to "file sue" on me.

I really would like to see it come here to get its "way".

Texaschilibean said...

Tucker, it dont matter if you started the email thing there, it landed in right here in Texas. Thats why Opra got sued here even though shes in NYC idiot! Remember the beef lawsuit, it was in the news all over. And I know you dont have the big fancy lawyers like Opra so Id like to see you try to come here! In Texas, the jury would throw you to the wolfs.

Go ahead, post some more of them fake beef stories. I know someone whos lets just say ‘uncle’ works for the Agriculture Department, and they dont take too kindly to what you say about it. I might just give them a call or something with my connection.

Another thing to think about Tucker.

So, heres my offer, you can stop this now. You state a public apology to me, Texas beef and my family and I wont have you sent to prison (from the issued of warrant when you dont show up in the Court of law in Texas). Thats my offer. Punk. I give you 1 week.

Terry C, An American Again! said...

Er, Chilifarts?

First of all, there are so many spelling and grammatical errors in your post, I believe you were indeed home skooled by chimps.

Your threats don't scare anyone. You are just a punkass little bitch trying to be a tough most rightards.

I think you have severe mental problems and you should seek treatment before you harm yourself or some innocent person.

Go ahead and try bringing suit and I guarantee you that you will be laughed out of court.....or fined for bringing frivolous lawsuits and wasting the court's time.

By the way, who is "Opra".

Jeffraham Prestonian said...



Jeffraham Prestonian said...

I think someone's stealing the boy's handle and having you on, Chris.

Surely no one's really this stupid.

Chris Tucker said...

"Jeffraham Prestonian said...



Wasn't Slandur one of the less popular characters on 'He-Man & The Masters of The Universe'?

Terry C, An American Again! said...

ChiliFarts has an aversion to using apostrophes.

Not only a punkass bitch, but a stupid little punkass bitch.