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Friday, March 9, 2007

Boston has the best trash

It's a Pentium III, running XP Pro. I have yet to get past the login screen, but then, I only tried for a few moments.

Addendum. I just finished cleaning all the gunk off the outside. Dust and dirt and whoknows whatall. Looks much better.

Still reeks of stale cigarette smoke, though. I'll tackle cleaning the inside sometime this weekend.

The keyboard, a Packard Bell P.O.S. will be disposed of shortly. It's filthy, the keys are sticky and there appears to be dried cough syrup on it. ICK!

I'll be scouring the usual thrift stores for a proper IBM Model "M" keyboard. Until I find one, I'll just grab something compatible and clean from the pile at the Goodwill in Davis Square.

For all I know, this thing might just wind up in the corner, running the MATRIX screensaver. Or, it might actually be useful in some hitherto unforeseeable fashion.

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