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Thursday, March 29, 2007

My excellent Cable TV Adventure

Thursday, I get a postcard from Comcast, my cable company informing me that my 10 years old analog cable box will have to be replaced by June 1st. I call the Comcast 800 number and ask if I can exchange the box for a new one at the local office. Yes, I can.

Off to the local office with the old box. A good omen when I arrive. There's NO LINE.

OK, there's ALWAYS A LINE at the local Comcast office. Swapping the box went very quickly. The nice man behind the counter said I'd have everything I have on the old box, "and a few more channels".

Holy Crap! I've got TCM, Science Channel, National Geographic, BBC America (Benny Hill! Avengers!), IFC, Sundance, several WGHB (Boston PBS) channels, a bunch of Encore channels,History International, G4, etc, etc, etc!

Just about 160 channels. Some of which I'll never watch, like Golf Channel, any country music or rap/hip-hop channel, practically all of the GodBotherer channels.

I would have had this a couple of years ago if Comcast had made it clear that for what I was paying for 80 analog channels would get me 160 digital channels.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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Keith said...

And that was the last that was seen of Chris...