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Sunday, April 8, 2007

I wish I didn't know this

OK, bear with me. The All In One is a Macintosh that was sold to the educational market. A G3 running anywhere from 233 to 300 Mhz. One of the options was the "Wings" audio/visual card.

Composit video and S-video inputs and outputs. It also handled the interface between the graphics chips on the logic board and the built in monitor.

So, it seems that some of these Wings cards also were made with two extra connectors. These connectors were for the Apple TV or TV/FM Tuner card, and the Infrared remote control interface card. The tuner card was intended for several different Macs, all using essentially the same logic board. These Macs also had the IR remote board installed.

Apple, it seems, may have intended the All In One to be used with these cards and then,late in the game, never produced the All In One intended for the cards.

Now that I know this. I MUST find one of these Wings cards for my All In One! I have a spare TV Tuner card and have a suitable Mac in the closet I can salvage the IR board from.

If I can find a TV/FM Tuner card, so much the better!

Why do I want to do all this to the All In One? Well, why not? If I can find the Wings card cheap enough, this will enhance what the computer can do, and enhancing its resale value, should the need arise to sell it.

Also, honestly, it sounds like a fun hack. Making something do something it couldn't previously do. I also get to figure out where to install the IR sensor, how to mount some of the hardware, all that good stuff.

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