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Thursday, April 5, 2007

So much for the stone knives and bear skins!

The "new" Macintosh is here!

Had a modest amount of trouble, vis a vis the master/slave drive settings between the OS X and OS 9 drives. A little googling found the needed jumper settings.

Video files that were unwatchable on the old Mac are now perfectly fine! I missed last night's episode of LOST: No matter, I can watch it via streaming video from

I was surprised that it booted off the OS X drive easily. The previous Mac was a G3 running at 450 Mhz. The new Mac is a 1.42 Ghz, G4 dual processor.

So, all that remains is to thank Keith Kahla, an old and dear and generous friend, without whose generosity I'd still be using the ancient Mac All In One, as well as Robert Woodhead, an equally generous friend, who had just the right Mac for just the right price.

Robert is the owner of Animeigo. Go and buy Anime and Japanese films from him! I've seen his products, and they're all first rate.

Lacking permission, I'll not say more about what Keith does, lest his sterling reputation in the salons of NYC be tarnished by association with a grubby geek such as myself.

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