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Friday, June 1, 2007

And we're back in the 21st Century!

Spent almost an hour on the phone with a Verizon engineer, and with no little futzing with hardware on his end and mine, the DSL line is back up and running.

I think Ren and Stimpy most accurately reflect how I feel right now:

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Bob Ruzzo said...

Hi Chris....yah...I got the BLAHS big time today. It is my birthday and I am sitting here like a SHLUMP. I got up early and took a ride to Canterbury for an oil change, which was so far the high point of this day! While I waited for oil change I walked up to a Dunkin Donuts and had coffee and bran muffin. Then when I got back, car was ready but UHF ham antenna was a bit BENT! I forgot to lower it before they put it on lift. It is a fold over antenna designed for such instances. Luckily I was able to square it away.
I liked the Ren & Stimpy cartoon!!! I remember watching them a long time ago.
I made a ham sandwich with doritos for lunch. The guys at the shop down the street said they would take me "out" for my birthday. I don't think so cause that means STRIP CLUB and BOOZE. Those things that rot your brain. So I probably will watch a Mr. Bean movie with a cherry coke. By the way when is MIT flea market anyway? I used to have the ham radio flyers at one time. Whats the best way to get to Boston? I have no clue how to drive in city or where to park. I want to go to MIT to see the flea market. Maybe I could get directions from you and we could meet up somewhere there. Maybe I should take a bus? I have not been on a traveling adventure in years.