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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I wonder what the backstory is?

Was someone digging through their backpack, desperately searching for a few more coins to cover the bus fare, discovering this ancient cassette, and deciding then and there to toss it, after not even having a cassette player for a few years?

Maybe someone was rummaging through the glove box or under the seats, and, finding this, furtively flicked it out the window, lest they lose face in front of their other hipster friends?

More likely, though, it was a case of finding it in the backpack or car, wondering "why the heck do I still have this", and just tossing it away.

In any event, someone decided that despite the heartfelt lyrics of pretty much their only mainstream hit, they just didn't want Cheap Trick in their life anymore.

Can't say as I blame them.

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