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Monday, June 25, 2007

An old friend is now on the web

Toni Lay, whom I've known since 1976, has finally gotten her Society for Creative Anachronism webpage online.

She would have had it done much sooner, but as her ISP is AOL, their tools for uploading text and images to external web servers are amazingly annoying and overly complex!

This is her website. Save for a minor hint or two I gave her, and my manipulating the graphics for her, everything you see, save for the graphics, is her own work. Pretty darn good for an HTML novice's first effort, I think.

And, as with all websites, it is a work in progress. She will be adding a page or two of photographs from The Pennsic War (the annual SCA "convention"), as well as a guide she's written for the Pennsic Wars novice.

I'm very impressed with how well she did on what is, essentially, her first ever web page. I've seen pages from so-called professionals that were not as well done as this first effort of hers.

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